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    John was very professional efficient he was very helpful . He worked on my case for 2 years with a positive out come I highly recommend John. I am so grateful to him thank you, John, for being my support. Read On

Being disabled and unable to work is a terrifying situation. In addition to dealing with your disabling condition, you have to worry about paying your bills and surviving. This can leave you overwhelmed by pain and anxiety.

Getting the Social Security disability benefits you are due should not add to your problems. Unfortunately, the process of applying for benefits is so complicated that most people cannot manage it by themselves. Social Security requires you to fill out a series of complicated forms. If you make a mistake or miss a deadline by even a few days, and you may have to start all over again. Even after you have submitted your application, you may have to wait many months for a decision. Social Security turns down the vast majority of all applicants. This means you have to appeal that decision and wait again. If Social Security rejects your application a second time, your only recourse is to go before a Federal judge.

If there is one thing I have learned in almost thirty years of practicing law, it is this: Don't go to court without a lawyer.

I am prepared to do whatever I can to ensure that you get your Social Security disability benefits. This is a long and complicated process and you owe it to yourself to do everything you can to get the benefits you are due.

Please call or email so we may discuss your claim. I will take the time to listen to you and evaluate your situation. Together, we can work towards getting your benefits.

In the FAQ section of this website, I have included additional information about Social Security and hiring a lawyer to represent you. I hope this information is helpful.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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John Kuhnlein has been assisting people with Social Security disability claims for the past 20 years.

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Feel free to call with any questions or concerns you have about Social Security disability. I never charge for a consultation. In fact, there is no charge at all until we win your case. Unlike most lawyers, I never charge extra for things like telephone calls or making copies.