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When looking for a lawyer to help with your Social Security disability claim, your smart move is to hire someone who lives where you do. Too many sketchy outfits troll the Internet looking for vulnerable people who need help dealing with Social Security. Many of these companies trick people into signing up. The person looking for help thinks he or she is only requesting information. In fact, they are hiring some company he or she has never heard of. Once these Internet companies have you signed up, there is no getting rid of them. Even if you decide to fire them, they will insist on collecting a fee. That makes it harder to hire a local lawyer. More bad news follows when the person learns that the company he or she hired is in New York or Florida or Los Angeles. Many of the companies advertising on the Internet are not law firms. Your representative might not know more about Social Security than you do. Worse still, you will likely never talk to, let alone meet, your representative until minutes before your hearing. Don't let this happen to you.

When you hire a local lawyer you get a representative who:

  • Is available to meet with you in person and take your phone calls
  • Has built up good will with the judge who is going to hear your case
  • Knows the staff of the local hearing offices and can get things accomplished
  • Can tailor your case to the likes and dislikes of the judge who will hear your case
  • Knows the local doctors and hospitals and clinics
  • Has been trusted by your neighbors and friends for decades

Don't be fooled by slick advertisements and inflated promises. Hire a local lawyer to give yourself your best chance of getting your disability benefits.

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John Kuhnlein has been assisting people with Social Security disability claims for the past 20 years.

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Feel free to call with any questions or concerns you have about Social Security disability. I never charge for a consultation. In fact, there is no charge at all until we win your case. Unlike most lawyers, I never charge extra for things like telephone calls or making copies.