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My practice is limited to those persons age 55 and over.  Social Security has special rules for people in this age category and that is what I focus on. I specialize in neurological (migraines, seizures) and orthopedic (bad backs, necks, arthritis) conditions. I do not handle any mental health cases, nor do I take cases for children. If you are below age 55 or have disabling mental conditions, please find a good, local Tucson lawyer who can assist you. 

About Our Firm


John Kuhnlein has been assisting people with Social Security disability claims for the past 20 years.

Free Consultation

Feel free to call with any questions or concerns you have about Social Security disability. I never charge for a consultation. In fact, there is no charge at all until we win your case. Unlike most lawyers, I never charge extra for things like telephone calls or making copies.